CIPS - Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools

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If the international investor has money on deposit in the currency of the country where the investment is being made, there will eventually be some kind of exchange transaction. There is always the possibility that money will be made or lost based on the currency exchange dynamics alone. For that reason, it is important to be familiar with the mathematical and financial skills presented in this course.
Domestic residential brokers and salespeople are accustomed to presenting homes as investments in terms of appreciation and tax sheltering. Many real estate professionals are not familiar with how to determine, discuss and present an investment analysis of a property. This course examines how customary real estate practices need to be modified when working with international clients or properties. In some ways, a real estate transaction involving international clients or properties is similar to a domestic transaction.

The International Real Estate for Local Markets course introduced the international real estate market, including conditions and practices around the world. This course builds upon that knowledge by providing:

  • Basic preparation requirements for the international client.
  • Financial concepts such as capitalization rate and cash-on-cash return.
  • Legal and tax issues
  • The importance of incorporating a team of professionals

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