Get Your Real Estate License

Getting started on a career as a real estate professional begins with pre-license education.  The following links provide more details about the process and enable you to get started today!

Get Your Real Estate License 
How to Get A License 
How Do I Apply For A Real Estate License 

Pre-License Resources
Online Pre-License Program Information
Pre-License Online Course Registration 

Important Regulatory Information
Eligibility Verification Form 
Electronic Fingerprint Submissions

Information regarding prior criminal conviction(s) or disciplinary sanction(s)
Have you been convicted of or pled nolo contendere or guilty to any felony or a misdemeanor involving the theft of services, money or property within the last ten (10) years?​
 NOTE:  Reckless Driving and/or DUI are misdemeanors  must be disclosed.
 If you answered "yes" to question 5, the Commission requires you to submit a certified copy of your conviction record in addition to an affidavit providing details of each charge.
You may petition the Commission prior to taking or completing pre-license education and/or the licensing examination by submitting the  "Application for Decision Regarding Prior Criminal Conviction(s) and/or Disciplinary Sanctions(s)" which can be downloaded. This form along with all requested documentation will then be reviewed by the Commission and you will be notified of their decision.