Continuing Education FAQs

How much continuing education is required by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) to renew my real estate license?
The Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires most licensees to complete a total of 16 hours of continuing education each two-year license cycle. (Your two-year license cycle begins two years before the expiration date listed on your license.) The required TREC Core class will count for six (6) of the required 16 hours, and the remaining 10 (elective) hours can consist of any other TREC-approved real estate course chosen by the licensee. 

I have already taken a Code of Ethics class. Is that the same as the TREC Core?
No. The Code of Ethics is required by the National Association of REALTOR® (NAR) to maintain your status as a REALTOR® in good standing. NAR requires that REALTOR® complete a Code of Ethics course during the mandated cycles. The current cycle began on January 1 2019, and ends on December 31, 2021. Even if you have completed the Code of Ethics in the past, you will need to take it again (even if your license expiration date does not fall within NAR’s current mandated cycle).

The TREC Core course is required by TREC as part of the mandated 16 hours of continuing education that most licensees must complete in a two-year license cycle. (Remember that the expiration dates on real estate licenses are staggered, so your two-year license cycle begins on the date two years before your license expiration date.)

How can I tell how much continuing education I have completed?
You can view a list of the continuing education courses that you have completed by going to

  • On the page titled “License Search and Verification”, enter the security code provided. Then click the blue bar to enable the license search.
  • You will be taken to a page with several blank fields. DO NOT COMPLETE ALL OF THE FIELDS. (In most cases, this will result in no record being returned.)
  • Select “Real Estate Broker/Affil/TS” from the drop-down menu next to the “Profession” field, and then key in your first and last name ONLY OR you may elect to key in your license number ONLY.
  • Click on the “Details” button next to the record that your name appears on.
  • When the “License Details” page loads, scroll down to the “Continuing Education” section of the page to review the posting of your continuing education completions.  
  • Your two-year license cycle begins two years before the listed expiration date. For example, if your license expiration date is October 12, 2017, your current two-year cycle began on October 12, 2015, meaning that any continuing education class completed after that date (October 12, 2015, in the example) would count in the current two-year cycle.

I took a class, but I do not see it posted on the TREC website in my education record. What should I do?
It is the responsibility of the education provider to report your class completion to TREC. Your first step would be to contact the school where you completed the course to make sure that they have indeed reported the completion to TREC. If you are unsuccessful finding a resolution at the school level, you can contact TREC directly at 615-741-2273.

Does Greater Nashville REALTORS® offer online classes?
Yes. You can find more information about the online classes offered by Greater Nashville REALTORS® under the “Education” tab on our website or by clicking here. Online classes involve reading passages and answering questions. You can log into the courses from any computer and work on them at any time. You are given a year, based on your registration date, to complete your work. You can retake a section as many times as necessary until you pass with an 80% or better.

I purchased an online course through a link on the Greater Nashville REALTORS® website, and now I don’t know how to get back to my course. How do I find it?
When you select an online course provider on the Greater Nashville REALTORS® website, you are taken to one of our approved partner’s site where you made the purchase and create a username and password to access the course. This is why you cannot access online courses by logging into the Greater Nashville REALTORS® website. You can find a listing of our online course providers by selecting “Education” tab under the “Online Classes” tab at our website. Select the vendor that you were acquainted with registering your courses with and simply login to their site using the username and password that you had created.