Donna Wood

Education Director

If you look up Texas original in the dictionary, you would find Donna's picture there. A true Lone Star State girl, Donna rooted herself along with her son and daughter in Tennessee in 1978.  Donna is the staff member with the longest time at the association, joining the staff in 1999 as the receptionist before her more current role in the Education Department. Donna, who now considers herself part Texan and part Tennessean, has graduated from parent to grandparent and enjoys the luxury of spoiling her five grandsons. When not wishing for a granddaughter, Donna spends her leisure time enjoying the cooler seasons of Tennessee, a little cooking, traveling and outdoor fun. She also wins the staff award for best breakfast pastry! 

Superpower She'd Like to Have: Master Motivator
"Like my favorite quote, I believe there's always a way. I would like to have the ability to help others be more determined to find their way."

Donna actually is a great master motivator. She encourages many Realtors® in their education journey, helping them to learn more and achieve designations which maximize their business.

Favorite Quote:
"If there is a will, there is a way."
-English Proverb

Ways Donna Can Help You:

  • General Class Information and Registration
  • Understanding your CE hours
  • Choosing a Designation
  • Rental of the Hal Wilson Education Center