Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in the
Greater Nashville REALTORS®
Ambassador Program!


The purpose of the Greater Nashville REALTORS® Ambassador Program is to provide better communication with our members. The association has grown rapidly, and we all know you can never over-communicate in this fast-past world. Our members are busy, and our association has lots going on and many opportunities for members to engage.

To help us connect with members on a personal and face-to-face level, we are recruiting Ambassadors for each firm’s office. We ask that each Ambassador help us communicate about association activities and encourage our members to engage in those activities. We also want you to communicate back to us anything your firm has going on as well.

We will provide the details for you to share on a regular basis and we ask you to share this at your firm’s agent meetings or any other way you see fit. Your service will be for one year, but there is no limit if you would like to continue to serve in this capacity for multiple years. We will readdress each firm’s ambassador each year.

 Ambassador Responsibilities:

If you are looking to become more active at Greater Nashville REALTORS®, but cannot necessarily commit to serving as a board member or committee chair – consider signing up as your firm’s ambassador. It is a great way to give back and serve without significant time commitments.  Being an ambassador is extremely valuable to the association and an excellent way for you to commit to raising awareness of the value of the association.

Call Lindsey Kizziah at Greater Nashville REALTORS® 615-254-7516 or e-mail, for more information. 

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