Virtual learning 101

Published Monday, August 3, 2020 8:00 am

Realtors are active in supporting public education because we believe in future generations' critical success to drive our society forward. This year, we won't be hosting back to school breakfast for the teachers or providing supply drives for students, but we can provide helpful tips that can support parents during these uncertain times.


Many schools in our area have chosen to start school virtually. For the first time, many parents and children will have to decide how to facilitate virtual learning for the fall semester. Some parents choose to hire an instructor or college student to help students navigate the virtual learning process; however, for many parents, that's not an option. So, as an alternative, here are a few helpful tips for virtual learning success.


As with your home, finding a place for your child to have their own learning space is essential. The space doesn't have to be large; it just has to be a designated space that assures the student this space is for working. Look around your home for any area that can fit a small table or desk. If you need a table or desk, contact your Realtor, many times Realtors know of clients that have furniture that they would like to sell or remove from their space.


Another component of virtual learning is creating a schedule and sticking to it. Children may not always understand how much they love the structure that school provides, but its true structure gives your child a set schedule to know what to expect. Setting a schedule can help create a school-like environment that helps your child stay focused and on task.


Help enhance the schedule that you've created by using a color-coded calendar so that your child stays on top of deadlines and can stay organized. Use a visual organizer to break assignments down into steps so that when completing it, your child can check things off the list, which gives them a feeling of accomplishment.


Lastly, staying connected with your school and faculty is more important than ever; make sure to email your child's teacher often to stay abreast of any changes or check how your student is progressing. The Metro Nashville, Public School website is an excellent resource for viewing the virtual learning parenting playbook and tips on how to prepare for virtual learning. Remember, as we navigate these uncertain times, we are better together, even when apart.

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