Greater Nashville REALTORS® Speaks Out Against STRP Bills

Members and staff of the Greater Nashville REALTORS® attended the January 16, 2020, Planning Commission meeting to listen to discussion and speak out against three bills on the commission’s agenda that night. All three bills dealt with new, potentially harmful regulations on Short Term Rental Properties (STRPs) in the future, if the bills passed. Greater Nashville REALTORS® President, Kristy Hairston read a letter that was also submitted to the Planning Commission detailing our concerns with and opposition to all three bills.

To read the letter from Kristy Hairston, please click here.

There was an initial motion to approve this bill with the substitute language presented by planning staff. The bill would apply a 100 ft radius to all schools, churches, parks and daycares in the county and prevent new STRPs from being approved if they fell within that 100 ft radius.  Planning Commissioners Haynes, Johnson, Tibbs and Murphy voted in favor to approve. Commissioners Adkins, Farr, Sims and Gobbell voted against approval. Since the vote was a tie, it failed and another motion was made to defer one meeting. After further discussion about needing more data before any action should take place, the commissioners voted to defer the bill one meeting to Feb 4th, 2020. They are seeking more data surrounding the topics of potential tax revenue loss for the county and a detailed history of violations to understand the consequences of such a change.

General Information on this bill:

This bill would place some new restrictions on owner-occupied STRPs and many members of the public who operate a DADU, or something similar from their homes, would be affected and spoke out against this bill.  The Planning Commission voted to defer this bill one meeting as there is more work to be done on the bill by Councilmember O’Connell. Councilmember O’Connell has stated that he is looking to amend this bill to exclude detached dwellings and other similar situations from this bill. He is working with other councilmembers and general counsel to determine the amended language. Because this bill was introduced more than 30 days ago, Councilmember O’Connell could bring it to the Council without a planning recommendation, however he has stated that he is willing to defer the public hearing on this bill and it was deferred until March 3rd, 2020.  All voting members and the Executive Director of the Planning Commission had concerns with this bill as drafted and voiced those concerns. 

General Information on this bill:

This bill would create a new “NS” (essentially no STRPs) zoning code with various interpretations and potential concerns for future level of use.  The Commissioners passed this bill unanimously. Most felt that it was a good new tool for the Council. Many opponents are concerned it could be used for massive overlay to the detriment of STRP property. Chairman Greg Adkins made the point that it doesn’t need to be used to take STRPs out of commercial zones.  Councilwoman Kathleen Murphy mentioned that the intent was likely not to do massive downzoning but also did resign to the fact that nothing prevented that in this bill as written. The Public Hearing is currently set for Feb 4, 2020.

General information on this bill: