Homeownership, that’s who we “R”

June marks National Homeownership Month, which recognizes the value of homeownership to individuals, families, communities and the nation’s economy. As Realtors, it is our mission to protect homeownership rights for our consumers, That’s Who We “R.”


From building long-term personal wealth to fostering communities, strengthening social stability and driving the national economy, the value of homeownership is indisputable. This is exactly why the National Association of Realtorsengages consumers through Home Ownership Matters.


The hub of the program is a dedicated website, http://homeownershipmatters.realtor, which houses the latest news, stories and videos on housing-related public policy issues that affect them at the state, local and national levels.


By visiting the site, you can quickly zero in on local property issues affecting you and your families via an interactive map. You can also choose to sign-up to be informed about the latest policy developments.


Increasing homeownership is a top priority. Through ongoing public policy efforts, the National Association of Realtors keeps attainable home and property ownership issues on the forefront of policy debates.


Homeownership is not just a national priority, but a high-level priority to over 15,000 Realtors across Middle Tennessee. Greater Nashville REALTORS®, both the association and its members, are actively engaged in matters influencing and impacting homeownership in our region, including affordable housing, transit and public education.


A home is more than a structure. Home is also where we make memories, build our futures, and feel comfortable and secure. This year the Home Ownership Matters campaign will engage millions of current and prospective owners across the country in an effort to protect homeownership and private property rights, which form the bedrock of the American Dream.


Be it a community improvement or public policy issue, consumers can look to Realtors as leading advocates on the real estate issues that are important to them. Realtors are serious advocates for the community. Along with one voice Realtors stand strong across the country, That’s Who We “R,” Realtors!


For more information on Home Ownership Matters, visit http://homeownershipmatters.REALTOR. Be sure to also follow along throughout the month of June on Facebook: @homeownershipmatters and on Twitter: @NAR_homeowners using the hashtag #HomeOwnershipMonth to keep up with the latest information on owning a home.