Mastering the Move

While it’s always exciting to have a home under contract, it’s the rare seller or buyer who doesn’t dread packing and moving everything they own. For the rest of us, the sheer volume of possessions and all the related tasks can be daunting.


To tackle this process with the least amount of stress, planning your move on paper is your first step. There are many free resources online offering moving task templates, moving timeline checklists, as well as sites with tips on organizing your home.


As a seller, your Realtor can coach you in packing up most of your belongings and getting them neatly stacked in your garage or mobile storage container.


For buyers without a home to sell, once you have your bank preapproval, and even before your Realtor starts showing you homes, it’s time to start packing and winnowing out items that you don’t want to move. Time will move quickly once the contract terms are set, typically 30 days.


Always create backups of all your critical documents and photos on an external hard drive, before they are boxed up. It’s no fun to dig through boxes on a time crunch trying to find the information you need.


Make sure to take photos of your belongings as they are boxed or stored for insurance purposes. Save confusion by labeling boxes clearly, and using a color code for each room with magic markers or labels. Do not include valuables or extremely fragile items unless you’re doing your moving and unloading, instead, take those items in your vehicle or move them in a separate trip.


Another tip I often share with my clients is creating a first night bag and a basics box. The first night bag could have items like medication, toothbrushes, toiletries, a change of clothing and items to entertain children. The basics box could have cleaning supplies, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, shower curtain and rod, hand soap, disposable cutlery, plus a small quantity of pet food and bowls. Having some favorite snacks and bottled water on hand will also make a move smoother.


There are so many more tips to share, but keep in mind your REALTOR® will help you master your move, and provide you with helpful tips to make your transition easier from start to finish.