Member Monday: Kevin Martelli

Kevin Martelli


Kevin Martelli



Pareto Realty


Years in Real Estate 



Tell us about your REALTOR® journey. What led you to become a REALTOR®?

My family roots grow deep into real estate. We're now up to three generations of home builders and REALTORS® in Michigan and Tennessee, so I felt like I knew the business before I even started as a REALTOR®. My desire to help friends and family achieve their next big move, my entrepreneurial spirit, and my background knowledge of the field made a career in real estate a natural fit!


What would you say is most rewarding about your real estate career?

The most rewarding part of my career is what I call the follow up phone call. About two weeks after people move to their new place, I like to call them and check in. By that point, the stress of moving has begun to wane, and they have a glimpse of life in their new home. People are joyful. Relieved. Even giddy! They've accomplished a life goal and taken a wonderful step in a new direction. Then they ask if utilities should be transferred into their name and my eyes widen!


Real estate is full of comical moments. Share your funniest story.

I was showing a series of listings to a new buyer, and we were in the car driving from house to house to find the right home. We were ready to see the third house of the day, and as we drove through the neighborhood, we observed it looked very calm and quiet. The buyer loved it. A lot of people sitting on the front porch would wave as we drove by, there weren't many cars on the road, and it was just a very relaxed street. We arrived at the house, where we waved to an elderly neighbor as she was checking her mail. We toured the home, which looked a little dated, and as we were finishing, the buyer was reading the MLS sheet that I handed her at the start. "What does '55 and over' mean?,” she asked. I began to respond, "It usually means that the whole community is reserved for people who are..." I paused. "Wait, is that on your sheet?" I then realized I was showing my 20-something buyer a home in a retirement community. I turned a deep shade of red. That's something I look for EVERY TIME now. Ha!! Luckily for everyone the buyer was a trooper, and she went on to settle into another home not far from there.


Whether an agent is new or a veteran in the business, they can always gain wisdom from other agents. Share one of your most valuable lessons learned.

Every successful day begins with the right mindset. Being an independent agent, I've learned to start every day psyched up for my to-do list, start every phone call with a positive tone, and just BE genuinely happy. My biggest lesson learned is that attitude is 100% choice, that inevitable failure doesn't mean inevitable gloominess, and that "Smile and be nice" is the greatest wisdom one can follow.


Your clients often ask you for referrals, now it's your turn to share some favorites with your peers. What are three things you're loving right now (a book, podcast, TV show, restaurant, snack, it can be anything!)

Only three, where do I start? (1) I'd have to say the breakfast sandwiches at Cafe Roze are FOR THE WIN. They have the perfect amount of cheese, the crackle of bacon, and this tomato jam that IS the jam. Delectable, I can't get enough! (2) Spots Pet Supply in East Nashville: they're a truly customer service oriented business. They're honest, they're not trying to sell you, up-sell you, or push you in any direction. They listen, analyze, and recommend. That they obsess and love over every pet that walks in the door is just icing on the cake! (3) Rosemary Home: Lauren Elder has put together a thoughtfully curated display of freshly designed case goods, accessories, and upholstery that has a lustful appeal to anyone looking to create a custom interior. Can't spend enough at this place!!

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