Member Monday: Richard Courtney

Richard Courtney

Name:  Richard Courtney

Company: Christianson, Patterson, Courtney, and Associates

Years in Real Estate: 39

Tell us about your REALTOR® journey. What led you to become a REALTOR®?
I joined Tommy Patterson's company, J. Thomas Patterson Company, and he suggested I join. I had been a real estate affiliate broker for several years with a non-Realtor firm.

What would you say is most rewarding about your real estate career?
The opportunities for leadership and ability to change people's lives for the better.

Real estate is full of comical moments. Share your funniest story. 
I had a house listed in Hunterwood and the buyers wanted to meet with the builder, Sandy Haury, in order to determine if the area over the garage should be finished and converted to a bonus room. The insulation was rather deep and Sandy knew to jump from joist to joist when moving about the area. The buyer was unaware that there was no flooring beneath the insulation and took one step and vanished from sight.

Suddenly, a head appeared sticking through the insulation screaming "My nylons! My nylons!"

She had fallen through the ceiling in the garage below. Fortunately, she was carrying a purse in one hand and a briefcase in the other forcing her arms to be stretched and the joists caught her armpits.

I scurried downstairs to push her back up through the opening that she had created. As I ran into the garage I saw a perfectly placed chandelier fashioned from nylon covered legs. Upon reaching the buyer, I noticed that the nylons were the only thing covering her at that time. I ran back upstairs and suggested that her husband go down and tend to his wife.

Angered that I had failed at my task, he took on in a huff. Once she was on stable ground (joist), he returned and thanked me for my effort, as he had witnessed the chandelier de derriere.

Whether an agent is new or a veteran in the business, they can always gain wisdom from other agents. Share one of your most valuable lessons learned.
The most valuable lesson I have learned is that - even after 39 years and 1,700 transactions - the best answer to most questions is "I don't know, but I will find out and let you know the answer."

Your clients often ask you for referrals, now it's your turn to share some favorites with your peers. What are three things you're loving right now (a book, podcast, TV show, restaurant, snack, it can be anything!)
A book by Beatle author extraordinaire Mark Lewisohn called Tune In. It is 1800 pages and get the lads through 1962. (Ed Sullivan was 1964 BTW). Oddly, my children have become addicts of "Little House on the Prairie" and I am enjoying the writing and the positive lessons learned from that show. I watch The Outlaw Josey Wales, Dances with Wolves and Backbeat at least once a month and then there are the Preds!!!!