Member Monday: Tiffany Randolph

Tiffany Randolph


Tiffany Randolph



Scout Properties


Years in Real Estate 

6 months


Tell us about your REALTOR® journey. What led you to become a REALTOR®?

I have been through the process of buying, selling, and building many times. Throughout the journey my family has had a tough time. I wanted to get into the real estate industry to ensure that I can be the person to help someone else have an easy transition and have someone to lean on for guidance and truth throughout the process. It brings me such joy to see someone happy and a family excited throughout the whole process instead of anxious!


What would you say is most rewarding about your real estate career?

Seeing someone or family so excited to change their whole life and take that next step with buying a home. The thank you they give me is so wonderful!


Real estate is full of comical moments. Share your funniest story.

My very first closing ever was during a bad snow storm! I had to drive 5 mph the whole way and walk through inches of snow to make it, but we made it!


Whether an agent is new or a veteran in the business, they can always gain wisdom from other agents. Share one of your most valuable lessons learned.

The power of one conversation can change your whole life. We shouldn't be afraid to approach someone or invest in a conversation. You never know what may come out of the conversation so it’s worth the shot to try!


Your clients often ask you for referrals, now it's your turn to share some favorites with your peers. What are three things you're loving right now (a book, podcast, TV show, restaurant, snack, it can be anything!)

Baseball Season, American Idol, fishing, and long outdoor walks with my family and Labrador Chip!

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