Member Monday: Wendy Monday

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Name: Wendy Monday

Company: PARKS

Years in Real Estate: 10


Tell us about your REALTOR journey. What led you to become a REALTOR?

One of my first jobs out of college was selling golf memberships at Temple Hills Club which lead me to become the Director of Marketing at The Governors Club in the early 2000's. I was there until 2007 when I left and got my real estate license, right in time for the recession! I stuck it out though, and I’m glad I did.


What would you say is most rewarding about your real estate career?      

Being a valuable, reliable source of information about someone's largest personal investment is the most rewarding part. The emotional moments are great, watching someone imagine themselves in their new home and then handing over the keys is a special experience as an agent. But the most personally rewarding part for me is knowing that I've been an expert advisor to them in one of their more significant financial transactions.


Real estate is full of comical moments. Share your funniest story.    

Recently I went by to put a sign in a client's yard. It was late in the day, I'd been pretty busy, but I was going to do this one last thing because their house is just down the street from my house. I wrestled it out of the car, stuck it in the ground and went home.


Except I stuck the “For Sale” sign in the wrong yard. I was only off by one yard, but yes the next morning everyone...the sellers, their neighbors, ME...was surprised. I mean, I SOLD them the house. And I LIVE in their neighborhood. I was super embarrassed and everyone was super gracious about it. They barely even bring it up anymore ;-)


Whether an agent is new or a veteran in the business, they can always gain wisdom from other agents. Share one of your most valuable lessons learned.

Goodwill goes a long way in a deal. You are not a conduit for the highly charged emotions your clients are feeling. Your job is to be calm, professional, efficient, and effective for your clients and make things go smoothly.


Your clients often ask you for referrals, now it's your turn to share some favorites with your peers. What are three things you're loving right now (a book, podcast, TV show, restaurant, snack, it can be anything!)

I love the Headspace meditation app, the original pho from Vuis Kitchen in Germantown and can go to as many movies as you want for a $9/month subscription fee.

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